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Learn How To Write A Dissertation Without Internet

Back in the day, everybody did it. Everybody who wrote a dissertation accomplished it without the internet a couple of decades ago. How did they do this? The internet has become such a vital part of life that 80% of students consider the internet to rate right up there with other essentials such as food, clothing and shelter.

To write a dissertation without the internet, a student would have to have access to other rich sources of information. This seems archaic in a world that practically revolves around the internet, but here goes.

Access rich sources of information:

  1. University libraries. College and University libraries are still valuable resources to use for finding relevant information for a dissertation. They stock many books in print as well as periodicals.
  2. Your advisor and faculty members. Your professor and the entire faculty are all good sources of information and assistance in writing your dissertation.
  3. Archived journal articles. Published journal articles in a diverse supply are permanent residents of most academic libraries.
  4. Public libraries. Local public lending libraries often have a surprising variety of academic books and literature that can be utilized for research purposes. They also have local newspapers.

Without internet, consulting a professional online writing service is out of the question. However, there are other places to look for assistance and advice with dissertation writing.

Enlist good help:

  1. Professors and faculty members. If you need some direction with your research, speak to your professor or one of the other faculty members. Their experience in writing and in helping other students write their dissertations is invaluable.
  2. Friends or colleagues. When it comes to all the legwork of tracking down research sources the good old fashioned way, you may need to enlist the help of friends.
  3. A good editor and proofreader. Don’t underestimate the importance of this task. Find someone who is a good proofreader and preferable has experience editing dissertations.
  4. Stay organized. If you find yourself checking out a ton of books from the library and making countless photocopies of articles so that you can take notes in the margins, be wary of drowning in a sea of paper. It will be imperative that you keep organized and have a place for all this research so that you don’t lose focus amidst the ensuing chaos of mountains of books and photocopies.