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How to choose appropriate high school research paper topics?

When you are in high school and have been asked to write a research paper, arguably the most important key to you being successful is the choice of your topic. Get that right and you are well on the way to producing a high-ranking research paper score. Get it wrong and you will seriously struggle.

But is it something I really like?

This is a question many high school students ask when trying to justify their choice of topic for their research paper. They talk about how much they like the subject and that can be a good point. However, if the topic does not have significant depth, if it's not possible to develop a serious analysis of the topic because it is too shallow, then all your enthusiasm for the topic will not give you that high-ranking score.

On the other hand if you really like a topic, or better still if you are genuinely passionate and knowledgeable about a topic, and it does have depth and is a topic capable of being explored in many different ways, then that could be the ideal topic for you. Your passion and enthusiasm for the subject will shine through. Having an interest and a background in a topic make great building blocks when creating a winning research paper.

Check it out first

So you come across a topic you think will be the right one. Immediately you should do some elementary research. Simply by doing an online search on the topic you will discover just how many articles, books and websites there are dealing with this topic. If there are very few then you may struggle. Simply by doing some basic research on the topic before you settle on it, you give yourself the best chance of success.

Make a plan

List the points that you can present in this proposed topic. Are they relevant? Are they interesting? Do they tie in with one another and help build your overall argument? Simply by looking at a basic plan, even on a single piece of paper, gives you an overall vision of what your finished research paper could look like.

And finally look at other successful papers on this or related topics. You're not copying these papers but simply looking at the layout, format and content. You can be inspired and educated by successful research papers and go on to create your own which collects a very high-ranking.