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Five Great Suggestions On How To Write A PhD Thesis On Social Media


Description of your research work and projects are present in a PhD thesis. Writing a thesis is a long term process and whenever you modify your project that should also be written in your project document that is a dissertation should contain all the phases of your research and work description. May be your project is comparatively small and there is nothing to write before completion of the project, in other cases your project can be long, in both cases you have to maintain a written document of your research work.

Five important tips

While you are writing your thesis you should keep some points in your mind which will help you to complete your documentation as soon as possible and simultaneously make your writing rich. The tips about the writing are as follows:-

  • Decide the structure of writing

  • There are two types of basic structures; one is series of journal articles that follows a format of paper which is submitted to a publication for publishing another one is a book containing chapters. Book structure is more conventional than paper structure and number of chapter depends on the project.

  • Format of the thesis

  • Different university has different type of formats and you should maintain the format of the university under which you are doing your PhD. You can take help from your supervisor about the format of the documentation. Before writing goes through the guideline very carefully otherwise you have to waste time after writing the entire thing. If you submit a copy without maintaining the proper format then you may have to give penalty so try to follow the guideline to avoid penalties and other unwanted circumstances.

  • Avoid copyright

  • If you copy from a paper or book and paste that in your thesis then it will not express your word. So always try to write in your own word and if you are using any idea which is not your own then always give the source of that idea as a bibliography. Another thing is try to avoid presenting the matter in exact statement which is written in the source.

  • Checking and revision

  • Revise the thesis thoroughly and check whether it is representing your work and research your properly or not. Best way is check your document by your supervisor.

  • Meet all the requirements

  • The size of the thesis doesn’t matter; your document should meet all the requirements and should be compact.