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Dissertation advice: choosing the best work space

Working on a dissertation takes serious focus and concentration. Where you work on your dissertation is nearly as important as the materials that you use for the paper itself. If you work in a place that is full of distractions, you will not be able to get the dissertation done well. Interruptions will make you lose your focus, make grammar and mechanical errors, and reduce the quality of your paper.

Be Organized and Not Distracted

Since writing a dissertation requires student to sit and work more than one day, you will need to have a place where you can organize and access your materials. You might not think that you will need room to read and highlight, but for many students having printed material is easier to work with than electronic materials. Having a space where you can read journal articles as well as access your computer is important. If you are constantly needing to rearrange your materials, then you need to find a spot where you will not waste that time.

Consider the Basics

Your workspace should have the right basics. Everyone needs to work with the right light, so you can read what you need to and not strain your eyes. You computer needs to be sitting at the right level so you are not straining your shoulders and neck. It is also important to have the temperature.

Noise or Not?

Some students need to work in a public place with a steady stream of noise. There are some that prefer to work in coffee shops or libraries, where the noise is constant and not loud enough to be distracting. Being away from the distractions of the televisions as well as family and friends is the one thing that many students need.

Be Comfortable and Move

When you choose the best workspace, you will need to consider what keeps you comfortable. A supportive chair can make a huge difference, especially if it helps you work for a bit longer. It is also very helpful to get up and move occasionally. No one should be sitting for an excessive amount of time. If you have an exercise ball to sit on, you can keep your body working, which can help keep your mind working, too.

Snacks, Music, and Cellphones

Many students enjoy playing some music and having snacks around, too. Some will even turn off their cellphones so they can focus for the length of time they designate as work time. The most important thing to remember is to get the job done and to do it well.