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Dissertations writing help: sections of your paper

Dissertation is the research work which students have to submit during their education process in order to get approval of their professional educational degree. Dissertation is the required part of the degree program for bachelors, masters, m-Phil and other higher education program. The most frequent word used for research work at bachelors and masters level degree is thesis and for pure research degree of m-Phil, doctorate or post- doctorate, the word used for research work is dissertation.

For most of the students, dissertation writing process is very critical one. Students take too much tension while doing it. Most of the times, students usually get stuck at the beginning of the write up of the dissertation. They do not understand from where to start the work and get worried. This article will provide you the precise guideline for writing a dissertation in a good manner. Following is the step wise guideline for you:

  • Things done, Prior to dissertation:
    1. Synopsis
    2. The hypothesis or Research proposal
    3. Research question
    4. Literature review
    5. Pilot study
    6. Abstract
  • Required Criterion:
  • In this step you have to check for the criterion set for your dissertation. You have to look for the word limitations, type of content, tables, charts, sequence of the content, reference page inclusion etc.

  • Format of the dissertation:
  • It includes the format you are going to use for your dissertation writing. The typing style you are going to follow.

  • Sequence of the chapters:
  • Here you will check for the sequence of your content that which chapter is going to be compiled first and which one later. You may take help of your tutor or supervisor to define the sequence of your content.

  • Outline or sketch of your paper:
  • This is the most important step and you have to spend a quality time over it. Once you make it well, your whole dissertation is going to depend on this sketch. This sketch includes certain important outlines which will be given below, and all you have to fill up the headings to make your dissertation. Following are the main points required to be documented in sketch of the paper:

  1. First page (Title page)
  2. Abstract (a short review of all research work including results)
  3. Acknowledgements (whom you acknowledging for your work)
  4. Content page ( includes chapter wise page numbering)
  5. Introduction ( Definition and introduction of the topic)
  6. Literature Review(involves prior studies on the same subject)
  7. Methods (which you used for your research)
  8. Results (your research findings)
  9. Conclusion
  10. References
  11. Appendices