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Writing Original Dissertation and Theses Can Be Very Hard

Writing original dissertations and these can be very hard. This is especially true because for the duration of your academic career you were able to merely analyze information from other writers and offer your thoughts on their work or their style. In this particular type of writing you have to be the one to conduct the original research and draft the original copy on which other students may very well comment later.

Thankfully in spite of how difficult it might be there are still many ways that you can break down the larger task into more manageable chunks.

For starters you need to create your writing schedule. When writing such a large piece of copy it is important that you have a writing schedule to which you can adhere throughout the duration of your project. You will need to write a little bit each day so that your brain stays focused on your topic and you can use your time wisely.

Put aside about one hour every day to write for a few weeks or to research. Whatever you do during that one hour should be related to your dissertation or thesis.

Once you have created a schedule it is time to start your work. This begins with selecting the topic. You may have to present your topic in a format proposal to your advisor or dissertation committee or you may be allowed to simply inform your advisor of the topic and have it approved in a colloquial fashion. In either case you have to set out to find a topic within your field that is both interesting and easily researched within the confines of your time frame and page length requirements.

Choosing your topic for a thesis or a dissertation--or any academic paper for that matter--can sometimes be a challenge. That is why there are some suggestions below:

  • - You can write about whether the use of animals for sports or entertainment should be forbidden and why

  • - You can address how modern art can be considered “art” and by what standards it is compared

  • - You can write about whether parents should be allowed to censor child literature and textbooks

  • - You can write about whether it is possible (and beneficial) for employers to make physical exercise a mandatory part of the work day for adults