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Doctoral Dissertation Editing Services Can Improve Your Writing

You’ve finished the hardest part of your dissertation: getting it all in writing. But now you face a final challenge. Simply getting it on to paper isn’t enough. Your committee expects not only a great dissertation from an intellectual point of view, but one that is exceptionally well written. There are many ways to go about refining your writing in order to meet your committee’s expectations, but the most straightforward is to employ the services of a doctoral dissertation editing company. There are some compelling reasons for doing so:

  1. Editing your own final draft isn’t a good idea.
  2. It’s extremely difficult to catch one’s own mistakes, and there’s little you can do to offset that difficulty. When you read something you’ve written yourself, no matter how carefully, your brain tends to “self-correct” any mistakes by having you read what you intended to type out. This is an issue everyone faces, and it’s a good reason to have someone else edit and proofread your paper. After all, you don’t have to accept all of their changes, but they’re far more likely to catch mistakes than you are.

  3. You might be making mistakes that you don’t know are mistakes.
  4. If you’ve cultivated a bad spelling, grammar, or phrasing habit that’s minor enough to go unremarked by instructors thus far, you’re not going to be able to catch it yourself—because you don’t think it’s a bad habit. That leads us to point three.

  5. Professional editors are your best bet for this level of quality.
  6. Your committee will be going over your dissertation with a fine toothed comb. After all, your degree represents your program, and they want to be certain that if you are receiving a doctorate they have signed off on, you’re capable of producing publishable, academic literature. Having your mother or even another doctoral student read over it simply isn’t the same as having a professional editor attack every instance of passive voice, underline every redundancy, note every vague statement, every occurrence of unwarranted qualification or inappropriate adjective and adverb use.

  7. Your writing in the future will be improved.
  8. No instructor will be quite as thoroughly strict as a professional service. After all, you’re paying them to pay express attention to your writing, and they’re well aware that their efforts will be examined again by an academic committee. You’ll learn from their example.