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Sport Dissertation Ideas: What Topics Are The Best To Write On

After you’ve been writing for quite some time, you begin to realize that the idea you ultimately set upon is the one you thought of first—your favorite often. So seasoned writers have learned to accept this and go ahead and choose their first idea with confidence.

Pick Your Favorite Sport and Put a Unique Spin On It

Now, we’re talking about a doctoral level book length project—something you can theorize and input research about for some 200 to 250 pages. Therefore, you don’t want to go with something so original there is scant research on it.

Interesting Areas of Thought in Sports Education

Sports and Injuries are always an interesting topic and now its been long enough since major improvements in computers and research that we are beginning to gather data from long studies on how sports affects major systems and parts of the body.

Education and Sports is also a huge area to write about. Often, it’s interesting to write about the field you’re majoring in—the topic of sports education—or the art of teaching physical education today—or even narrow it down to certain age groups or grades.

If you’re interested in sports injuries, education, or even American literature about sports, go get more ideas from websites, bookstores, and like dissertations that you’ll find in your academic library. Ask the librarian how to find dissertations associated with the doctorate in exercise or physical education science at your university. They always have both online and print copies of former graduates dissertations. This way, you can see the scope of book length writings in your major area.

Here are some sample sports dissertation topics for you to peruse:

  1. 1. Physical Education and the Special Needs Student: New Findings
  2. 2. Boxing, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s: What We Know Now, and What We Speculate
  3. 3. The Long Term Metabolic, Thyroid Condition, and Muscular Effects of a Lifetime in High Competition Gymnastics
  4. 4. Anorexia, Bulimia, and Gymnastics Today: “Annie” and Bella Are Still Rampant Presences Here
  5. 5. Performing on 0 Gas: High Competitors Ballerinas and Anorexia Nervosa
  6. 6. Jockeys and Body Weight: The Not-So Talked About Suffers of the Worst Eating Disorders—Male Jockeys!
  7. 7. Muscle or Bone?: Long Term Studies on How Life as a Ballet Dancer can Wreck Your Body
  8. 8. Football and New Helmet Technology: Trying to Protect Football Players from Future Brain Disorders
  9. 9. Anything to Keep the Figure: Figure Skating an Anorexia Nervosa
  10. 10. The Challenges of Teaching ______________ (Insert the Sport You’d Like to Study)
  11. 11. Leadership Studies and Physical Education: What Todays Educators Can Do
  12. 12. The Challenges of Coaching Today: Helping Students to . .
  13. 13. What are The Healthiest Sports Over the Long Term For the Body? A Cross Study of the Long Term Effects of (then mention several sports known to be hard on payches, bodies, the brain, etc..)
  14. 14. High Competition Sport and Perfectionism: How Perfectionism Can Damage the Psyche Later
  15. 15. Bowling and Major Hand Disorders Over Time
  16. 16. The Long Term Effects of Boxing: What We Know Now
  17. 17. Jockeys and Bulimia: New Studies and Findings
  18. 18. Leadership and The Role of the Phys. Ed. Instructor
  19. 19. The Art of Preschool Physical Education Instruction
  20. 20. An Argument for the Requirement of Physical Education Throughout One’s Education, Preschool to Highschool