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Leadership dissertation topics: finding credible sources

When writing a leadership dissertation you must be very studious in using credible sources for your topic ideas. A dissertation is usually the crowning academic achievement and deserves the most meticulous process possible. Choosing the topic for their dissertation can be the point where many students get stuck.

There are many suggestions out there telling you how to come up with a topic. They are usually from the following list:

  • - Ask your advisor for ideas
  • - Read your textbooks and find an idea for a dissertation topic
  • - Read past dissertations and find the authors suggestions for further research and then expound on that
  • - Go to the library at your university and look for topic ideas
  • - Find out what current research is being done in your subject of interest and then formulate a topic idea from a gap in the research
  • - Hire an online writing company to supply you with a list of original dissertation topics and you can choose one

While most of the above sources would be deemed credible, they don’t always produce the results you’re looking for.

Sources to avoid:

  • - Published online lists of dissertation topics
  • - Topics that have already been researched

It’s pretty obvious why online lists would not be credible – you never know if dozens of other students have already seen the list and are using the topics right now.

The best place to get a leadership dissertation topic from is your own mind. In order for you to come up with something interesting and unique, you must do a lot of reading. Yes, that’s right. You must read, read and then read some more. Don’t just read within your favored subject area. Read some philosophy. Read lots of things. Read books that a variety of authors have written within your subject area. Every time a new idea comes to you, write it down. In reality, some of the best dissertation topics have been formulated by combining a couple of ideas to make something unique and original.

If you have gone through all these exercises and are at your wit’s end to come up with a dissertation topic, contact an online dissertation writing company and hire someone to come up with an original dissertation topic for you. You can give them some of your ideas and the area within your subject you’d prefer to write about, and they can come up with an original and credible leadership dissertation topic for you.