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How to use a PhD dissertation example

Be concrete

It is very important for all the dissertation writers to understand that when an instructor reads long arguments and constructions in your dissertation, chances are he might lose a track of things. To keep it easier to understand, it is better that you relate things in your thesis. Something that you have been working on for 6 months would seem obvious to you but for your instructor it might get tougher to understand. It is advisable that you remain concise and give solid demonstration of your ideas in your dissertation.

Using examples in your dissertation can be very helpful but there are a few things you must understand and learn for writing an effective dissertation.

Using Examples 

Like any written material, dissertations also can take great help from examples. Examples are easier for you to explain yourself and for the reader to get a clear idea of what you are trying to say. Specifically with long arguments and philosophy of ideas it is better to use examples that will demonstrate what your idea can do and how is it beneficial.

Prefer Real Examples

There is no harm in using invented examples, the ones where you come up with self-created scenarios to help the reader get an idea of your vision. However it is better to use real life examples to show how effective your idea is. Real life examples also prove the application of your idea.

  • Repeating examples 
  • When you use an example for explaining one idea in your thesis, you may stick to the same example for the next ideas to come. Do not repeat the same application but use different aspects of the same example to the reader. This way the user gets accustomed to the example and grasps your explanation faster than he would with a new example each time.

  • Using Pictures
  • A picture is worth a thousand words. Pictures are also a type of examples; they help illustrate your point visually. Humans are better visual learners so it saves you the worry of writing long paragraphs if you are able to get a nice relevant picture to your thesis. 

  • Theorems
  • Theorems are not exactly examples but you can always use them as they are brief and to-the-point. A theorem gives a clear and accurate message that would otherwise require a whole paragraph. Theorems are chunks of reliable and self-explanatory material that is a great help in strengthening your stance.