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Buy Dissertation Service: Disadvantages of Online Agencies

These days, anything can be bought online, including full-length, custom academic dissertations. If you’re struggling to write such a lengthy, challenging work, the prospect of paying a freelancer to remotely work on your project can be highly tempting. The fees are often quite reasonable, and the results provide a chance at instant gratification.

Before you spend money on an online agency, however, you should be made aware of the numerous potential pitfalls. While online writing services can provide high-quality results, there are some potential disadvantages to working with writers sight-unseen. Consider these disadvantages before selecting an remote agency.

  1. You Cannot Verify Credentials
  2. If you hire an online writer, you have no means of truly verifying that they are who they claim to be. Many freelance workers falsify their credentials in one way or another. One common falsified bit of information is the freelance writer’s country of origin and first language.

    You may believe you are hiring a dissertation writer who lives in the United States and who has a native proficiency in English, but the writer may actually live abroad and has only learned the language recently. By working with an in-person service, you can verify the identity and background of your writer more easily.

  3. There Is No Recourse If You Are Scammed
  4. Most online writing services are legitimate, in the sense that you do receive a paper in return for your payment. However, as more and more people come to rely on writing agencies, more and more fake services pop up. These scam services may steal your identity or credit card information and use the data to make purchases or take out loans in your name, or they may simply take your payment and disappear without returning a written product.

    When you conduct your business online, it is very difficult to seek legal or financial redress for this harm, especially if the business is based in another country. You can issue a charge back on your credit card and report the agency, but there is no guarantee you will get your money back.

  5. Communication May Be Difficult
  6. Working with an online agency introduces all kinds of communication problems and limitations. Your dissertation writer may live in a different time zone and may not be able to respond to your emails as promptly as you might like, for example, or the time difference may make it impossible for you and your writer to conduct a virtual meeting or phone call. If you have a highly specific, idiosyncratic dissertation project, it may be difficult to communicate your needs completely via email.

Meeting in-person with a local writer or agency may make all of this easier. You can verify the credentials of the writer, can communicate your needs clearly and ensure you are being understood, and if things do not work out to your satisfaction, you will be able to seek recompense. Keep these factors in mind when choosing a service.