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Always follow your dissertation outline and map

A dissertation outline is a list that summarises the content and activities required to produce a good dissertation. It is prepared at the beginning of the dissertation after choosing a topic. The outline has many advantages that make it an important part of writing a dissertation. These benefits include:

  • It allows a student to organise their work
  • An outline helps a student plan their work efficiently. Proper planning prevents any last minute rushes that may cause mistakes. An outline provides good guidance and planning tools that enable a student to execute the writing process effectively.

  • It gives the dissertation structure
  • A good outline gives the dissertation structure. This structure improves the appearance of a dissertation paper making it more appealing to the reader

  • It enables the student to assign adequate time to each part of the essay
  • The presence of an outline enables a student to review their work easily. This outline makes the work neat and simple to read making the proofreading exercise simple to execute.

  • It helps a writer plan their time well
  • A good outline enables a writer to give each task enough time. This helps the writer perfect every part of their dissertation making it error free

  • It gives the student a scope of the dissertation.

An outline helps a student determine how wide their dissertation is. This helps the student determine the amount of time and effort that needs to be put into the process.

A good outline should have the following characteristics:

  • It should be organised
  • A good outline should be neat and well prepared for a writer to understand how to use it.

  • It should be simple
  • The outline should have a simple design that is straightforward.

  • It should be detailed
  • The outline should provide vivid descriptions of the dissertation and the various parts of the paper.

  • It should be objective
  • The outline should focus only on the dissertation. It should not have extra information about other subjects because this would make the dissertation disorganised.

  • It should comprehensive

For a student to prepare a good outline for their dissertation and follow it religiously, they should consider the following tips:

  1. A student should be meticulous
  2. A student should use a reliable source of information
  3. A student should be creative
  4. A student should be open-minded