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Academic Writing Tutorial: Getting Access to a Dissertations and Theses Database

When writing your dissertation or thesis the task can seem very daunting. Familiarizing yourself with already successful dissertations and theses can be a good way to help eliminate some of this stress. Some easy ways to access dissertation and theses databases are outlined below:

  • Consult Professor
  • When looking for extra help, the first person you should ways consult is your instructor or professor. This person will be able to give you the insiders’ scoop, and help you best. Sometimes professors do not wish to provide this extra assistance, but there is no harm in asking. Besides, it is smart to have a professor in your back pocket when working on your dissertation. This instructor can provide helpful feedback throughout the thesis process, and also, they may be able to put you into connection with a helpful database.

  • Explore Student Resources
  • After visiting your instructor, the next best source to search for database access will be your available student resources. Enrollment at a university always includes library access, and the library has a plethora of helpful resources. Many dissertations and theses are published works, and these works are often available to students through academic databases made available by library services.

  • Academic Services
  • Paid academic services can also grant you access to theses and dissertation databases you seek. By enrolling in an academic aid like a tutoring service or writing service, you are granted access to their resources. Do your research and find an academic service with the kind of thesis and dissertation work you are seeking.

  • Explore online
  • As always, the Internet is chock-full of helpful resources. There will be both free and paid resources with dissertations and theses available online. These resources can be accessed for your assistance. Just be sure to practice a discerning eye for less credible sources. The credibility of a source can be checked by just doing some website exploration. Important information and qualifications about the company should be found in links most often found on the sides or at the bottom of a website. As long as a site is credible there is no reason it cannot be a helpful resource.

With the help of your professors, student resources, academic services, and the Internet you will be writing in no time. Take advantage of theses database resources to get the most assistance available.