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Choosing An Outstanding MBA Dissertation Topic: Guidelines And Examples

During your last semester of school, you will be asked to write a dissertation to obtain your Master's Degree in Business Administration (MBA). It is a paper that tests your overall understanding of your field that aims to add knowledge to the field by doing a research study on a relevant topic. The idea is to create a hypothesis and then work to either approve or disprove it.

It is so important to make sure that you choose a good topic because you have to get it approved by a board before you can start your paper. It is important to make sure that you can find enough evidence to conduct a solid research on a topic in the field so that you can meet the page or word requirement. It is also important to make sure that you do an in-depth study on the topic. Here are some guidelines and examples to help you.


  • Your research should start with a question that you have about something relating to your studies that you want to learn more about. That way you will be interested to do the research properly since you have to do it anyways. You should aim to choose a topic that will capture your reader's attention while also keeping yours.

  • It should be informative so aim to teach your reader something. It should also be unique. Your study should be the first one done on the issue.
  • Do some research on a very general topic before choosing your topic. You need to put a lot of thought into this decision.

  • If you find and interesting study, you can choose a different testing criteria and do your study on that. You can add to a study that has already been done by using different age groups, locations, and other demographic criteria to change the study. You can find completed and published dissertations in a database that can be accessed by most online libraries.


The influence of social media sites on global communications: a study of soldiers with Facebook


Modernization of communication technology: technology and the hearing impaired

There are many resources that will help you choose the right topic for your paper. However, you have to ultimately choose a topic that inspires you because you have to put a lot of time and effort into completing this paper.