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Brainstorming original topics for a PhD dissertation

Writing a PhD dissertation can be a complex project due to its high expectations and standards. One of the best ways to produce original topics is to brainstorm. This can help you find something different or out of the ordinary that can still be interesting while worth the effort. Sometimes it helps to have a few pointers to assist during the brainstorming process. In doing so, you may be able to come up with more creative ideas that will lead to your final PhD dissertation topic.

Start with What You Know and Personal Interests

Most of the time topics come from areas of interest and what the writer knows about the subject matter. In this case, you can do the same thing but take more time to think about your ideas and personal knowledge. You may have a general idea you want to start with that is based on something you know. From here you can write down smaller ideas and prompts based on what pops into your head as you think about the subject or idea.

Can You Think of a General Area or Issue that Can Be Explored Further?

Sometimes this may require a little research but you can still brainstorm on some ideas that may be out of the ordinary. You can choose an object or events related to your subject matter and use it as a prompt to help you come up with other ideas. Be creative with your ideas and consider brainstorming on an issue or problem related to your topic. This may help you come up with something you can raise awareness with or introduce a concept with something different. Be open with your ideas and when you don’t see something that is interesting, keep coming up with other ideas.

Consider Timing, List Creation and When to Start Process of Elimination

When you do brainstorm it helps to have short sessions to help you come up with more content. Some may spend a few minutes or so coming up with prompts or ideas. Once you have developed a list of potential ideas you can review them and start eliminating those you don’t like. A PhD dissertation is known to tackle some tough topics. It may help to take a few days to brainstorm and think about potential ideas before settling on your final topic.