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Creating a PhD dissertation structure

If you are a PhD candidate, then you probably reached this stage of your higher education because you actually want to pursue a career in the academic field. If that is so, then writing your PhD dissertation may just be one of the most important moments in your life. Thus, you will have to give it a lot of attention and you will have to make sure that you are very careful about all the details contained in it.

Why is the Structure so Important?

Although dissertations follow the very same basic rules of any other type of academic work, they should be much more developed when it comes to every single one of their parts. Remember, this is not just a term paper, but an actual academic research you will have to do on your own and that means that you will have to put a certain amount of effort into writing it properly.

You should have learned by now the fact that the structure of an academic work is one of the most important parts about it. You should consider it as important as a builder will consider the foundation of a house he is working on. This will be the basic skeleton on which you will add the actual “meat” of your dissertation. Since this is a longer paper than what you have probably written before, the structure is even more important because it will allow you not to drift away from the course of your study.

How to Build a Good Structure?

To build a great structure for your dissertation, start from choosing a good topic. It should be original enough as to be interesting, but unoriginal enough as to provide you with enough research material to work with.

Further on, start by thinking about which is the point where you want to get. Make sure that your dissertation contains a chapter for every single point of view you want to analyze a topic from and a chapter for every single explanation that has to be done. For instance, you will not be able to write a World War II paper without getting through some chapters that will explain the context in which this war emerged.

Do put a lot of effort into this structure because, as mentioned before, it will be the basic foundation on which you will “build” later on. Think it through and do not rush into anything. Even more, make sure that your materials are helpful in building this structure. You may have to change it later on, but the draft you make now will be extremely helpful in “jump-starting” your research.