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Thesis writing ideas: finding data

When it comes to writing a thesis, the research element of the essay is particularly important, as is picking a good idea to start with in the first place. Finding useful and relevant data is therefore an important part of the writing process and involves a wide variety of methods and sources to help you.

Understanding where you can find data can make the thesis writing process a great deal easier. Thankfully, with the modern technology available to us today, there has never been so many research methods and sources available.

The internet

The Internet is full of information and data that can help with thesis writing ideas. Of course, there is also a great deal of the irrelevant material too, so it is important to know where to look and what to avoid. A great deal of importance should be placed on using relevant and respected sources, although, with such a large amount of data available, these sources are genetally not too hard to find.


As important and widespread as the Internet may be, sometimes there is no substitute for the quality of data available in good old-fashioned books. Libraries are inevitably a great source of finding a great deal of books that you may require, although new and second-hand bookshops may also be able to help you.

Magazines and newspapers

Magazines and newspapers can be relevant to thesis writing, depending on what you are choosing to write about. As well as sourcing current news items and topics, it is possible to look over back-dated issues for any relevant information as well as.


Academic publications, as well as any other publications, can often provide a great source of data, as well as helping develop the creativity to think of new ideas.


Interviews with experts or other relevant people is often a fantastic way of sourcing useful ideas and important data. When carry out interviews, however, it is important to remember any ethical guidelines so as not compromise any data.

Other essays

Essays written by other students can also prove to be a source of information, although it is important to cite any other work that you have used so as not to risk being caught out for plagiarism.


Of course, it is worth mentioning tutors, professors or other lecturers that may potentially be able to help with any ideas. With a great deal of knowledge on the subject you may potentially be writing about, teachers and professors can be an excellent source of data and information when you require help.