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Where To Look For Good Dissertation Examples On Leadership

There are many leadership topics that can make for great dissertations working towards one’s MBA. But many students might find that the pressures of graduate school cause them to draw blanks when it comes to creating an original and interesting topic on leadership. Besides coming up with something to write about a student also needs to know how to properly format a dissertation. The easiest way to accomplish this is to find a good example to learn from. Here are some places to look for a reliable copy:

Get a Copy from Your Dissertation Advisor

As a graduate student it’s vital that you build a good relationship with your academic advisor. This means meeting with him or at least once a week to go over your research and discuss any drafts. If you are having any problems figuring out how to properly structure, format or write your dissertation then make sure that you request and example copy to reference throughout each phase of your project.

Purchase a Copy from a Professional Writing Service

If you are looking for a convenient resource then you should consider hiring a professional writing service to provide you with an example. They can usually write one from scratch, which will take some time, or they can provide you with an existing example they have used in the past. No matter which you choose it’s good to place your order early in your process since you don’t want to get started with your project on the wrong foot.

Check Out Published MBA Dissertations

Another great idea is to check out several published samples held at the university library. Your institution is bound to keep copies of all the works that have been accepted under its name, but they are also likely to have access to material published in other locations as well. Check with a reference librarian early in the process so you don’t miss out on the most relevant and helpful works.

Read Through Business Journals

Lastly, you’re going to find a lot of great leadership content in academic business journals. Again, your reference librarian should be able to point you to current material held at the library but you should also be able to request published articles from inter-library loan or from online journal subscriptions. While the formatting may be different from what is required in your work, they should still be able to give you great insight to the style of writing that is expected from you.