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Managing Processes, System and Project

6. Reflection

6.1 Elective Pathway-Managing the Project Based Environment

This entire research is related to the importance of using automation in HR diversity management, based on the PSP model. There are a number of advantages associated with it. They have been mentioned as follows:

It is helpful in the alignment of the system and process design with major organizational strategy. This means that it refines the path that takes to the achievement of the goal which is highly important for an organization.

6.2 Value Add

It uses the techniques of project management to bring about process change. As every activity in an organization is based on projects, it is the best way to bring about process change.

Also, customer satisfaction is based on the improvement in the ongoing delivery process of products and services which is of highest concern for a PSP module, adding to its strength (Koall, 2011).As far as the weaknesses are concerned, the major weakness is that it is difficult to synchronize the elective pathways to the PSP module as it is not very flexible. For example, the pathway chosen here requires the formation of an operation strategy matrix which is not supported by the project management techniques of PSP module. If the flexibility of the module can be increased further, it would add to its utility.

6.3 Learning Experience

It is very important to achieve the organizational goal, this use of PSP module has helped me understand that the designing and analysis of the strategy to be followed is most important before carrying out any project. Also, this elective pathway of leading the operations function is important as it takes into account the operation functions of the organization, which becomes highly essential to make the strategy and formulate the best of the available options to resolve an issue, as in this case.

This PSP module can be used further in resolving any issue in the organization so that one would reach to the root of the problem as used in this methodology. This would seamlessly integrate the organization’s functions with the organizational goals.