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Is There Any Kind Of An Online PhD Dissertations Database?

Writing the dissertation for your PhD is an exciting and stressful time. You are excited because you are about to complete your doctoral degree and you are stressed because writing a dissertation takes a lot of work. You don’t have to worry because there are tons of places online that can help you write your dissertation. One way you can prepare is to look at samples of dissertations and find a database with thousands of examples for you to study.

PhD Dissertation Databases

  • British Library: The British Library’s EthOS website has a database of topics that you can search from. Their database has over 350,000 doctoral theses that you can use as a reference.

  • ProQuest: This site is a dissertations database where you can make requests for a certain dissertation and they find it for you. So you give them your topic and they find you a dissertation that fits your needs. They have access to thousands of dissertations and go back to 1997 with their papers but if you need something older it does take a few more days to get your dissertation example.

  • The Open University: This site has compiled multiple databases that you can search for the topic of your dissertation. This site will give you more examples from more than one source.

  • College and University Library Site: Believe it or not, you can find PhD dissertation examples on most college and university library websites. You can start with libraries that have the same degree program that you are working on first and then expand your search to others. Seeing a dissertation from Ivy League school students might be a huge help to your dissertation.

  • Your School’s Library: I know this isn’t online or maybe they do have a database online but your school’s library usually has past dissertations done by former students. Looking at other students work in your degree program will give you an idea of what your PhD dissertation should look like.

If you are going to be searching databases to get ideas for your dissertation or to help you write yours, you need to start early and don’t spend too much time on this because that will take time away from your dissertation. It’s great to use examples for any dissertation you are preparing. This will show you the right way to do it and help you choose the best topic for you PhD dissertation.