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Using doctoral dissertation writing software

A properly written dissertation is a feat of organization and extensive background research. Usually, over two thousand pages worth of existing academic literature informs a final dissertation, more if the area is theoretically challenging or obscure. In addition, hundreds or thousands of cases of data may be included in a single doctoral research project, using dozens of measures, scales, and computation methods.

Every doctoral candidate struggles with organizing their dissertation and keeping all their information in check. From writing the reference page to filling the data tables, there is a ton of organizational work to be done at every stage of the dissertation writing process. In the old days, graduate students had to keep meticulous paper notes and maintain hard copies of all their references and data points. These days, however, there are numerous software programs and websites that can lessen the load and make the dissertation writing process less messy. Here are just a few.

Citation and Reference Software

There are many programs that you can use to keep track of your references while you conduct your literature review. Programs like Zotero and Easybib can keep an ongoing, cloud based record of all the journal articles, books, and other sources you have accessed while preparing for your dissertation, ensuring that you never miss a crucial citation again. These programs can also use your citation record to generate a perfectly formatted and properly laid out reference page or bibliography, following whichever style guidelines you require. This can shave dozens or even hundreds of hours off your dissertation project.

Data Analytic Software

Do not calculate your dissertation statistics by hand. Doing so can lead to errors and lost data, and it takes much more time as well. Instead, master a statistical program such as R, SPSS, or PSPP, and use it to analyze all your results. These programs keep records of all the analyses you perform, as well as the output. They also can create properly formatted tables and figures for use in your final draft, which can also save you significant time.

Data Collection Software

Do not waste your valuable time on data entry or paper and pencil data collection. Instead, use sites like SNAP, Opinio, Surveymonkey, Qualtrics, or MediaLab to record all data for your dissertation. Using online data collection software will save you weeks or months of in person recruitment and data collection, and the resulting data is pre-entered into spreadsheets for analyses.