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How To Reference A Dissertation In The APA Style Correctly

If you are trying to cite a dissertation in APA format, it is best that you refer to the APA manual on citations. The reason being: Each reference, both in text and in the reference page, varies based on the type of source and the number of authors. It is incumbent upon you to refer to the APA standards for references and in-text citation styles. The American Psychological Association style is also called the APA style. For social sciences it is the most commonly used citation method. The American Psychological Association has issued a handbook that outlines all requirements for this style which you can use as a reference for your:

  • general format

  • in-text citations

  • footnotes

  • reference page

Generally, an APA paper should be:

  • typed and doubled space

  • one inch margins for all sides

  • readable font, typically something like Times New Roman

Page Header

When you write an APA paper, you need to have a have inside of the beginning what is called a page header. In APA style this is called the running head. It should be positioned at the top left hand corner of every page.

Page Numbers

Page numbers should be inserted at flush right.

Title Page

The title page should have the title of your paper, your name, and your academic institution. It needs to appear in the center of the page, in the middle of the page. Your title should contain normal upper and lower case letters. Your title can take one or two lines.

The Abstract

The abstract should begin on an entirely separate page and include the single abstract paragraph consisting of between 150 and 250 words, as well as any relevant keywords you want to include. It should have the word “Abstract” in the middle of the page. The next line should contain the abstract paragraph. Do not indent the next line.

The Body

The next page should start the body of your text. It should include the title of your paper once more, centered at the top of the page. On the next line, you can start with your introduction. From here onward in your paper the paragraphs should be intended as normal. For each new section you write (such as the methods or the results) you can place the word “methods” or “results” on a new line in bold text.