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Writing On Social Work - Dissertation Topics For University Students

As a university student writing a dissertation on social work you will never be short of material. It seems that almost every day there is another study published which appears with some aspect of social welfare, social justice or social work. This of course is to your advantage. But just because there are many relevant and interesting dissertation topics available, you should never make the mistake of choosing something you are not keen to write about.

Now that you are at university you will have had many years of schooling beforehand and learnt if nothing else that the choice of topic of your essay or in this case your dissertation is vitally important. Choose something you want to write about. Choose something you may be studying in greater detail later or practicing in future employment. Choose something which both you and your supervisor think is a good fit for you.

Where can you find appropriate dissertation topics?

Well even from your studies in university, you will have discussed any number of social work issues. Within each issue there are numerous topics and within each topic you can adopt a certain stand or angle. So as far as choice is concerned, it is almost unlimited.

And that's before you even go online and start looking at what various websites suggest. As stated before, your greatest problem is to settle on just one dissertation topic, you have so many to choose from. A further benefit for university students today is that research material has never been so available. With numerous studies into numerous aspects of social work being carried out and the reports of the studies being published, writing a dissertation is made so much easier because you have so much quality research material at your fingertips.

Are you planning a career in social work? This is an opportunity for you to choose a dissertation topic which perfectly prepares you for your life after University. Here is a selection of possible social work dissertation topics.

  1. 1. How has the aging of the population impacted on the quality of social work services?
  2. 2. How important are non-government agencies in providing social work services?
  3. 3. Are social workers able to effectively deal with child abuse?
  4. 4. Should social workers undertake postgraduate study to deal with specific areas of need?
  5. 5. How has government spending changed in recent years in funding social work services?