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Top 4 Dissertation Proposal Topics

The dissertation is an important part of your career; the topic must be chosen with care. When preparing to write your dissertation, it is imperative to choose a proposal topic that you are passionate about. You will be immersed in the dissertation for quite some time; maybe even years. It will consume your time, energy, efforts and focus.

What are the top 4 dissertation proposal topics in your field?

You will not want to copy someone else’s dissertation topic of course, because yours needs to be entirely unique. But it might be very helpful to see what others have been researching and writing about. Here are some places you can check:

  • The internet. You can find many lists of top proposal topics on the internet
  • Your advisor. Your professor can give you a list of top proposal topics.
  • University libraries. Either online or in person, you can check out top proposal topics.

Why your dissertation topic should not be one of the top 4 topics in your field

  • Judgment. You might be judged as having skimped on your research if you use one of the most common topics.
  • Comparison. Because the top 4 topics in your field have already been written about so abundantly, yours could face harsh criticism.
  • Lack of resources. You may find it difficult to locate resources for your dissertation that have not already been used and over-used in the past.

The best place to get totally unique dissertation proposal topics

These are not the topics anyone can read about on the internet or in a library. They are born in someone’s brain.

  • Your brain. Chances are good that you have done a lot of reading in your field by the time you get to this point in your academics. Surely something has piqued your interest along the way. It’s these thoughts and ideas that deserve further exploration to uncover an appropriate dissertation proposal topic.
  • A professional writing service. Yes, believe it or not this is a really good resource. One of the expert writers can work with you to pinpoint your interests, and help you do the research necessary to uncover an astounding dissertation proposal topic that will suit you perfectly. The more original and authentic, the better it will be.

The choosing of your dissertation proposal topic is one area where you definitely don’t want to fit in with what everyone else is doing. Make it as original as possible for the best results.