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How to find good free APA articles?

The American Psychological Association is a scientific way of writing papers that specifies ways to punctuate and structure a sentence. It also tells you how to cite references, state statistics, quote sources, and how to format headlines. Finding APA papers online for free that truly fit the guidelines of APA, and if a professor requests you submit an APA style paper you may be at a loss as to what to do. If you can't write the paper yourself and you want to find free ones, there are a few places to look and some things to look for.

Check online.

First, look online for "free APA papers." There are at least a dozen sites that will give you free papers, but the issue is getting the type of paper you need. Finding a paper that fits your topic or subject matter will require some searching. For instance, if you are a math major and your teacher is asking for a paper on the Pythagorean Theorem, you can't just select a free APA style paper on the history of Waterloo. You will need to look specifically for your topic if you are give one. If you are not given a specific topic but you know the genre of the class (ie: journalism, English, etc) then you should look for APA papers in that genre.

Check with former students.

Former students may be willing to give you their papers if you know of any. The issue with this is the professor may remember the paper, so change things up some to make it seem original. The issue with this is that if the paper is poorly written you could get a bad grade. In fact, that's the issue with online free APA papers, too and you should always read anything before you turn it in. Get a copy of the APA guide (which can also be found online) and compare the paper with the things listed in the guide. This will let you know if it properly written. You can also change certain sentences or headlines to make the paper more of your own style.

When looking for free APA style papers online or from people you know, keep your topic and genre in mind and try to narrow the paper topic down to one or both of them. Always proof read and edit before you turn anything in, and change sentences or points in papers you get for free to make the work more of your own. These are the best ways to make sure any free APA papers you get are actually good articles.