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Vital Advice On How To Cite Sources In Your Dissertation In A Proper Way

Before starting the quoting process in your dissertation, make sure that you are acknowledged with the rules of your school/college.

There are various methods of citation. One of the most popular in the academic world is the APA method – it was developed by the American Psychological Association and is mostly used in Author-Date principle. Again, make sure that your faculty rules require the APA method. If you have no idea why your dissertation should be referenced, read the rules of your faculty about plagiarism since you are using someone else’s ideas and thoughts. There are two different ways of referencing with the help of the APA method.

Firstly, the inside-text quotes should include the name of the used author and the publication date. Place them right after the appropriate part of your paper.

Also if you are using someone else’s thoughts or texts published in a printed way it is better to include the page number or even the needed paragraph. It is every important as it will be easier for your future readers to find the necessary part in a complicated text. If you are using direct quotations in your dissertation don’t forget to use quote marks and besides it is highly important to include the page-number after direct phrases.

Remember, that quoted words cannot exceed more than 40 words if they are not included in a separate paragraph. In this situation you don’t have to allocate direct quotes with double marked quotes. In the end of your dissertation paper you are expected to provide the list of referenced literature. The information in the used literature list should contain the full name of used authors, the date of publication of the used source, the sources appellation, place where the literature was published and the name of the publishing company.

In some cases more additional information is needed, mostly depending on the denomination of the used sources. The list of the referenced literature always starts on a new page and is regularized alphabetically according to the used author’s name. You have to include only the literature that has been used in your dissertation paper. The name of the literature list has to be centered and called “References”.

And finally, remember that single sources are placed before the multiply authors. So, don’t you waste another minute and go on writing your dissertation properly, and our short guide will help to succeed.