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7 Ingredients Of An Outstanding Dissertation Proposal

As a student writing a dissertation is inevitable, and as a matter of fact you will soon come to realize that it is one of the most important lessons that you have to learn through school. Before you get to write the dissertation, you must first of all write a proposal. You will be allowed to proceed and write the dissertation only when your proposal has been accepted. It is therefore important for you to learn how to write a very good dissertation proposal. The following are some of the most important things that a good dissertation proposal must have:

  1. Formatting

  2. Before you hand in the paper for consideration try and make sure that it is properly formatted. Formatting is important because if you hand in a paper that has not been appropriately formatted, there is every chance that your markers will discredit your effort for a lazy student

  3. Supporting statements with resources

  4. There is a good reason why such papers must always be referenced accordingly. Indeed you did not invent any of the ideas that you are coming up with in the paper, but you are borrowing from ideas that others have used before, and using the same to prove a point, so make sure that you reference and give credit where it is due

  5. Good abstract

  6. The abstract must be on point. There is no way around this one. A terribly written abstract will easily make it difficult for you to get your proposal accepted.

  7. Referencing properly – avoid blogs and websites

  8. When you are referencing, make sure that you use reasonable texts for this. Most of the students today have fallen into the trap of the internet and as a result they end up referencing websites and blogs, without using as much books as possible.

  9. Research

  10. Make sure that you carry out enough research so that you do not believe you are the inventor of an idea, when someone already worked on the same and wrote a book about it 30 years ago

  11. Spelling mistakes

  12. The war against spelling mistakes and simple grammatical errors should never be lost, and your proposal should be a good exhibit of this. Keep it impeccable

  13. Scope

  14. Do not be overzealous in the paper, so much that you choose a very wide scope for the task, when all you need is to narrow it down to make it reasonably doable.