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Turabian Paper Format

If you are enrolled in a History class, then you are going to be writing papers in Turabian paper format. This is a specific style of writing that is contrary to the style of writing that you were most likely brought up writing in. Most children are taught to write in MLA format because it is the easiest format for children to memorize and work with. However, as you grow and learn more information through out your life, you will be introduced to new styles of writing. Turabian style of writing for formal History papers has a very specific set of rules that will help you to document your essays and papers properly. Some of the high level guidelines include:

  • There should not be a title page
  • Text should be in 12pt Times New Roman
  • Text should be double-spaced
  • Footnotes should be single-spaced
  • There should be a 1 inch margin around the entire paper of the entire document
  • Title should appear at the top of the first page, centered, and in all capitals
  • Title should still be in 12pt font and should NOT be italicized or bolded
  • The page numbers should be centered at the bottom of the page on the first page, and the upper right hand corner of all other pages

These are some of the most important guidelines for Turabian syle paper formatting that you will have to get familiarized with in order to format your History papers properly.

Origin Of Turabian Style Formatting

Turabian style format for History papers was developed by, and named after Kate Turabian. Kate Turabian was an employee of the University of Chicago for a number of years where she held the position of Dissertation Secretary. The Turabian style of writing is like a sub-set of Chicago style writing and was developed to streamline the processes of relaying information of Historical content. The style strives to remove superfluous information and only present what is pertinent in the most efficient and effective ways. This style was designed with the student’s needs in mind. Kate Turabian saw a gap in the demands put on students for presentation of material and the needs of students to learn and retain information. This was the catalyst for creating the style of paper formatting.

If you are writing a paper for a History class that is required to be in Turabian style formatting, you will have to follow all of the guidelines that are outlined above, along with others in order to properly present your document.