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How are MBA dissertations different from the PhD ones?

MBA and PhD dissertations vary greatly, but they don't have to be difficult to complete. If you have ever completed one, doing the other isn't too difficult, but you do need to know a few key differences to complete the dissertation correctly.

MBAs don't have dissertations

Generally speaking, MBAs don't have dissertations- they have thesis statements. That's the very first thing you need to know if you are going to write an effective paper for your MBA or PhD class. A PhD paper generally has a dissertation and not a thesis statement. This can vary, depending on the class or professor, but this is a very common rule.

Dissertations vs. Thesis Statements

The major difference between these two, as stated above, is that one refers to MBAs and one refers to PhDs. Aside from that, though, a dissertation is what you write about to sum up your doctoral degree studies. It tells about what you've learned in your classes, how you'll apply that to your future career, and what you wish to do with your knowledge. A thesis statement usually is contained to a piece of written work for a paper that you're completing for a class. It is specific to one topic and not a whole course or field of study.

Other differences

Other differences of dissertations and thesis statements include their length and the time it takes to write them. A normal thesis can be done in about six weeks and takes research of a topic. Plus, a thesis is generally no more than about 20 pages for an MBA. For a PhD dissertation, though, you will need to combine all of your experience in your course load and write a very lengthy paper that will encompass all of your gained knowledge, and yet you must focus on just one aspect of this to create a concise paper that will be written in about 75 pages or more, depending on the professor and university.

MBA and PhD dissertations vary in many ways and knowing the ways they do can help you greatly when you're trying to write one or the other. For example, the first thing you should remember is that MBA papers generally have thesis statements, and not dissertations. PhD papers have dissertations. Knowing that and the differences between them will help you start writing your paper the proper way.