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History Dissertation Topics: Explaining the Main Point

Choosing the right topic is often crucial when writing a history dissertation, because it will define your first investment into the academic history community. Here are some facts that you should consider before starting:

  • - Your task is to generate beneficial insight for the academic community, but still choose a topic that you understand and can critically evaluate.

  • - It is better to choose an area of interest where you feel the most confident and can highlight your academic abilities.

  • - Your colleagues or professors are going to judge you in the future by the success of your dissertation. If you did a good job, it might encourage them to offer you a job in their department.

What defines a good history dissertation topic?

  • Uniqueness
  • Your study is a contribution into the academic community, and therefore it must differ from all other works. Try choosing a unique topic that does not repeat any already existing history dissertation topics. Do a lot of research, use different approaches, and provide various primary and secondary sources.

  • Originality
  • Your work should be able to capture the audience’s attention. You can either find a new historical twist that no one has ever considered writing about or exploring before, or find new and interesting sources for your research.

  • Importance
  • If you are considering taking up a new case that no one has yet talked about, you should be able to reinterpret the information and explain why your topic is so important and innovative compared to others.

  • Usefulness
  • It is important to realize that your dissertation is going to be used as a source by the other researchers. Therefore, an informative and fresh perspective evident in your dissertation is important for future use.

  • Extensiveness
  • Do not pick a topic that can be answered with a simple “yes” or “no” response. The answer you are going to give will not be surprising and original. Even if the topic seems extremely exciting to you, it does not mean that you are making a contributive investment into the academic community. On the other hand, the answer to the question might be a “no”, and you are going to be left with a sole hypothesis that you spent an enormous amount of time building up and the research material that you no longer have any use for.

  • Attractiveness
  • Try thinking out of the box in order to garner people's interests. Perhaps you could find new twists in the old issues, then you will have an attractive topic.