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Tips on writing a PhD dissertation fast

Writing a PhD dissertation is a very time consuming process and many students are afraid of it. It is the worst nightmare for weaker students who are not good in written communication. However if you follow the schedule and plan your work you can write a dissertation very fast as compared to your class mates. Here are a few tips that will help you in composing your thesis early.

  1. Start early
  2. Only by starting early you can finish early. Do not waste time on delaying your work. Whether you like it or not you are the only one who has to do it and is responsible for doing the thesis.

  3. Decide your end time
  4. It is important to set a deadline for yourself. Make sure it is a day or two before the university submission date. You should always keep a margin for unexpected events. Or if you are left with time in the end you can use it to proof read your work

  5. Divide longer chapters
  6. You can cut down your work load by dividing longer chapters into smaller targets. This way you will stay motivated and every time you finish a target you will be one step closer to the final dissertation. It is easy to write 1000 words 5 times than writing 5000 words at a time

  7. Set small milestones daily
  8. You should set milestones on a daily basis. This way you will stay regular and every time you achieve a milestone you will feel proud and confident.

  9. Work in a distraction free area
  10. Work at a place where you can sit and write comfortably. Make a study table for yourself and allow yourself time to concentrate and stay focused on your dissertation.

  11. Check your email after two hours at least
  12. Do not keep on checking your email after every 30 minutes. Even if you have something very important you should at least keep a gap of 2 hours. When you go to check your mail there are very unimportant emails that take your time and you will waste enough time there.

  13. Write for 30 minutes
  14. Don’t write for long hours. This will lessen your productivity. If you want to stay productive write for 30 minutes and then take a break

  15. Turn off your computer when not working
  16. Take small coffee breaks
  17. Trust yourself.