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Only you can finish your dissertation

Getting a PhD degree was your choice but writing a dissertation is your least favorite task. Students feel very enthusiastic about doing their PhD and completing their thesis before they actually start working on it. Once you decide to start your dissertation you are blank. The mind seems to have stop working and the student wishes someone was there to help.

Help yourself

Being honest the help is not going to come from the skies. If someone can help you in completing your task it is you yourself. We have all heard the phrase God helps those who help themselves. This is cent percent true. You can write a very strong and sound dissertation only if you think critically, make a work plan and move step by step. Steps you may take

  • First of all it is important to calculate time you are left with. Make a list of your daily tasks and see how much time you can manage for writing. Which of the activities can you cut down so that you have maximum time for writing?
  • Allow a writing session a specific time and length. You will best know how long you can stay concentrated and productive. Divide your each day’s task into writing sessions that suit you the best. An ideal session would be 30 minutes then you may take a break, enjoy a cup of coffee and continue with your work.
  • An ideal writing slot needs to be identified by checking which time of the day you are most productive and have no distractions. If you feel comfortable working during the nights then make a schedule that helps you in writing at nights and getting some sleep during the evenings.
  • Do not let your flow be affected. Make sure the writing is on an on-going basis and never miss a session that you have already scheduled. If you leave your sessions and continue after 3-4 days it will show in your writing. The gap will be quite visible to an attentive reader. Moreover you will have to spend a lot of time in building your previously developed momentum back.
  • Sometimes when you don’t feel like writing and think that your creativity is low you can still complete other minor tasks that do not require research or thinking. You can fix the page count, proof-read your work, make the bibliography. These small tasks if left for the end will take handsome amount of time to be done.